Welcome to Hoskin’s Berry Farm

We currently produce the following Biodynamic® & organic NOP products: blackberry, calendula, red clover blossom, comfrey, hops, lavender, marionberries, chester blackberries, rose, yarrow, and our own special Biodynamic®/ Organic Blackberry Vinegar.

Hoskins Berry Farm Living Organic Black Berry Vinegar Demeter Certified Biodynamic

In addition to being a certified NOP Organic farm Hoskins Berry Farm is Demeter certified Biodynamic. A Biodynamic farming system is one that achieves a high degree of self- sustainability and thus generates natural resource rather than depending on their importation from the outside. It is based on a holistic view of nature that approaches the farm as a living organism in its own right. The product that results is true to the place it came from. Please see the Demeter USA website. www.demeter-usa.org

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